Our solution, FOCUS-1, is complemented by a range of innovative services that are designed to give our customers the best experience and enable seamless integration with their current processes.

    & RAMP-UP 2

Application Consulting

Our application team at FOCUS-ON is experienced in process industry requirements and is equipped to providing consulting services around optimization of process loops using the FOCUS-1 solution. Through analysis of the current P&ID and in further discussions with the customer, it is important for us to create a common understanding of FOCUS-1 for all stakeholders around its use and integration in the loop. This is critical to maximizing the benefits of this disruptive solution.

- We explore many design options for the application using our know-how in integration and control options
- Help create awareness on the Device and Process Alarms and Asset Management t help understand process more
- A transparent view on the savings potential (CAPEX & OPEX) in new installations that can exploit full benefits that FOCUS-1 offers

Detailed analysis of P&ID & application
Product built for specific applications

Installation and Ramp-up

Our FOCUS-1 drives simplification in the design and engineering of the process loops & so does its installation & ramp up. A simple quick start guide that accompanies each delivery provides an easy to understand visual guide to fully install the device from mechanical integration to dashboard setup. However, to provide our customers with the highest experience when adopting this advanced equipment, FOCUS-ON provides specialist device installation & commissioning support. Our Field Coordinator discusses the Installation requirements, ensures that all factors for a smooth integration into loop have been considered, and provides hands-on support on-site in setting up all dashboard functionalities, such as user profiles, upon initialization. We pride ourselves in making all processes simpler.


After-Sales Support

Our promise to provide our customers with the best solution doesn't end with the delivery of our most advanced flow control device. Service and Support team at FOCUS-ON is fully equipped and trained to provide field part exchange, such as actuator FTO/FTC, to complete swap of components in-house at our facilities that may have failed due to excess process conditions. The journey starts as soon as an order is received from customer until the device is fully assembled, manufactured, tested & shipped. Our customer service team is available to fully support customers on any questions related to their FOCUS-1 device or process at their plant. We strive hard to see that our customer are satisfied & benefit fully from our disruptive FOCUS-1.



With a disruptive design that integrates measurement & control of flow & complimented by enhanced computing power on-board, FOCUS-1 is capable to detect changes in process conditions, it own performance, predict device critical failures. This makes it unique in detection and prediction of influencing factors, for example setpoint variations, change in cavitation phases, internal leakage, seat/plug wear and tear, etc.. We are further enhancing the capabilty of FOCUS-1 real time device & process monitoring which can sync with existing plant infrastructure & also is future-ready.

Smart electronics to diagnose & alarms
In house testing and validation

Traditional solution (valve + flow meter + sensors for process loop)


engineering, procuring, etc.


capital expenditure


operation expenditure
upto 33% savings with FOCUS-1


We aim to work in close cooperation with our customers to ensure that the applications needs fit the best fit in a FOCUS-1 configuration. We guarantee savings with FOCUS-1 vs. the traditional solutions that are in place in process industry, if the focus is on reduction of engineering effort in plant design, multi-parameter approach to control and diagnostics, transparency of data to understand and optimize the processes in field.

We see our responsibility in supporting the industry in adopting a disruptive technology, while guide the opinion makers of tomorrow in making the most of it.

Mr. Attila MenyhartService Manager

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